Ten random facts about me

Jeg sad lige og kiggede youtube og så en video med spoken word poetry, hvor en mand havde lavet en liste over ting man skulle vide før man begyndte at date ham, og det synes var en meget sjov idé, så jeg fik også lyst til at lave en liste. Det blev dog i stedet bare 10 random facts, men måske skulle jeg lave en 10 ting at vide før du dater mig? Kunne være meget sjovt også.


  • I can get kind of obsessed with small things like lyrics, poems or paintings.
  • I once fell asleep while eating a burger after a night out… And I don’t deny that it could happen again.
  • When alone and doing nothing, I either dance around to upbeat songs or sit still and listen to depressing songs, it’s not often to see anything in between.
  • I don’t like white tennis socks, and can’t help but like you a little bit less if you wear them.
  • My back hurts if I don’t workout thanks to my big boobs.
  • Sitting on my rooftop and looking over the city at night is one of my favourite things to do.
  • I see friends as the family we get to choose, and I’ve come to value them over someone who is “just blood-related”
  • I draw, write and paint a lot, and my apartment is full of my own paintings.
  • I go all in when going to the gym and do not understand those people who just hang out and talk for hours without getting a sweat on.
  • I have never seen any of the Star Wars movies.